Otoplasty, New York, Manhattan, prices and surgeons

How much does an otoplasty cost in New York? This is a question that I will answer here. In New York, an otoplasty will cost between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000.   Who are the most famous otoplasty surgeons in New York? Here are 20 otoplasty surgeons in New York. These surgeons have more than 3 out of 5 stars, and very good comments from their patients. Harmony Plastic Surgery PLLC - Dr. Lauren Chmielewski Ad   5.0(3) Plastic surgeon · 30 Central Park S #10A      +1 212-933-9638         M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS Ad   5.0(73) Surgeon · 162 E 78th St 1st Floor · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-744-1100         Charles H. Thorne, M.D. Plastic Surgeon 4.5(26) Plastic surgeon · 812 Park Ave · Opens at 08:30 · +1 212-794-0044             "Otoplasty with ear reduction is a particularly gratifying procedure ..." John E. Sherman MD, FACS 4.7(45) Plastic surgeon · 1016 5th Ave · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-535-2300        

Blepharoplasty in New York, Manhattan, prices and surgeons

Many people come here to rejuvenate with a blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty in New York can rejuvenate you for up to 15 years.

Money can be a problem for some people.

Therefore, you may be concerned about the price of blepharoplasty in New York; and Who are the best blepharoplasty surgeons here.

Because of this I have searched for you a list of the best blepharoplasty plastic surgeons in New York, and what is the price of blepharoplasty in NY.

With this you can receive more for less money.

How much does a blepharoplasty cost in New York, Manhattan?

The price of a blepharoplasty in New York usually ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000. The procedure costs more for patients undergoing upper and lower eyelid surgery, and the price increases beyond this range for patients combining blepharoplasty with other procedures.

Who are the best blepharoplasty surgeons in New York?

Below is a list of the 4+ star blepharoplasty surgeons in NY

Harmony Plastic Surgery PLLC - Dr. Lauren Chmielewski

Ad  5.0(3)

Plastic surgeon · 30 Central Park S #10ª.


+1 212-933-9638

I recently had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. Lauren Chmielewski and I am beyond happy with my results. My experience from start to finish was absolutely pleasant. She is extremely talented, passionate and genuine and really spends her time on you and is always willing to answer all your questions! She exceeded my expectations and I  highly recommend her to anybody. Thank you Dr. Lauren and your amazing staff!





Dr. Ronald Espinoza

Ad  4.9(35)

Plastic surgeon · 162 E 78th St

Closing soon: 19:00 ·

+1 212-299-9979

Absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Espinoza! His staff are very caring, loving and make you feel extremely comfortable. Him and his staff consistently checked up on me before, during and after. He is always available for any questions or inquiries you may have regarding any procedure. This was my first time ever improving something I’ve thought about doing for a long time and Dr. Espinoza over exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend him for any future procedures.





Dr. Jessica Lattman, MD


Plastic surgeon · 115 E 61st St

New  York · Opens at 09:00 ·

+1 212-832-5456

I am so happy to share that I had a great experience and fantastic results with Dr Jessica Lattman, from my initial consultation to complete healing. The Office staff is so accommodating. The process was thorough. I felt her recommendation was tailored for me. I was given the opportunity to add a face, neck and chest laser in addition to my upper lid surgery and that was a bonus. The surgical process and recovery was easy, I never had a moment of pain. I look younger and feel beautiful. Thank you for your expertise and your care.







"I had a blepharoplasty done years ago, and I was not pleased with ..."

Brett Kotlus MD, FACS


Plastic surgeon · 20 E 66th St #1A

New  York · Opens at 10:00 · +1 212-882-1011







"My experience of double blepharoplasty is greater than expected."

Edward S. Kwak MD - ESKMD Facial Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgeon · 737 Park Ave Apt 1D

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-229-1100







Online appointments

Eric In Choe, M.D., PLLC


Plastic surgeon · 121 E 60th St

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-838-1212







"I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 7 weeks ago."

Dr. Richard Swift, MD - Plastic Surgeon NYC - Facelift Specialist - Liposuction - Fillers - Rhinoplasty - Gynecomastia


Plastic surgeon · 110 E 87th St

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-828-9906







"He performed lower eyelid blepharoplasty on her and it was such a ..."

Dr. Steven Pearlman


Plastic surgeon · 110 E 60th St # 908

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-223-8300







Their  mentions blepharoplasty

Dr. Amiya Prasad


Plastic surgeon · 633 3rd Ave suite 13D

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-265-8877







Online appointments

Boaz Lissauer, MD


Plastic surgeon · 1036 Park Ave

+1 212-717-2150







Their  mentions eyelid surgery

Philip Miller, MD, FACS


Plastic surgeon · 60 E 56th St #300

New  York · Opens at 08:30 · +1 646-791-3025







Online appointments

Dr. Barry Weintraub


Plastic surgeon · 800A 5th Ave

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-737-7500







"He performed my rhinoplasty and lower blepharoplasty and am I'm ..."

Dr. David B. Rosenberg, MD


Plastic surgeon · 225 E 64th St

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-832-8595







Their  mentions blepharoplasty

Hudson Face and Eye: Yogita Kashyap, MD


Plastic surgeon · 30 Central Park S #13b

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 347-773-0186







Their  mentions blepharoplasty

Doft Plastic Surgery: Doft Melissa A MD


Plastic surgeon · 755 Park Ave

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-600-4109







"Had lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)."

Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery


Plastic surgeon · 1112 Park Ave #1a

New  York · Opens at 09:00 · +1 212-831-8333




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