How much does liposuction cost in New York? by the best surgeons

You want to know how much liposuction costs in New York, the prices and costs of the surgery, because here I will tell you what I found while walking around NY. The typical cost of liposuction near New York varies between $ 1,000 and $ 11,000, with an average cost of $ 5,550 per area. The cost of liposuction in New York depends on: 1.- If the surgeon is plastic or not, 2.- If the surgeon uses an accredited operating room, 3.- If the surgeon uses special material and if the surgeon uses general or local anesthesia. Now doing a research in the liposuction clinics in NY, I can say that for a case of a 43-year-old woman who is a mother and wants to improve the contour of her abdomen and waist after pregnancy. This is how much liposuction in NY could cost her. 1.- A liposuction performed by a surgeon who is not a plastic surgeon, performed in a non-accredited operating room without special equipment, while the patient is awake: $ 4,000 2.- A liposuction by a

Otoplasty Miami prices and surgeons

In Miami we find many famous otoplasty surgeons. Lots of people come here for ear surgery. The prices that can be found for an otoplasty surgery are interesting for many.

Miami is the city of beauty, this explains a lot of the best otoplasty surgeons here.


The surgery is done by making incisions in:

• On the back of the ears.

• In the inner folds of the ears.



How much does an otoplasty cost in Miami?

The price of an otoplasty in Miami is: $ 5000, to $ 7000


The price varies depending on whether you try to change the shape, position or size of the ears

How long does it take for an otoplasty surgery in Miami?

The time that the surgeon needs to perform the otoplasty is 2 hours.

Who are the most famous otoplasty surgeons in Miami?

The following is a list of surgeons with the highest number of satisfied patients.

Dr. Stephanie A. Stover, MD


Plastic surgeon · 8396 SW 8th St 1st floor

· +1 305-615-4200





Zion Plastic Surgery



Plastic surgery clinic · 8501 SW 124th Ave STE 102

Closing soon: 15:00 · +1 305-309-9466





Dr. George M. Varkarakis, MD, FACS


Plastic surgeon · 3661 S Miami Ave #903B

· +1 305-853-8333







Their  mentions otoplasty

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum


Plastic surgeon · 350 S Miami Ave # Cu-C

· +1 305-933-1838







Their  mentions otoplasty

Andres Bustillo, MD, FACS


Plastic surgeon · 6705 S Red Rd #602

· +1 305-663-3380







"Love love love my otoplasty."

Tal T. Roudner, MD, FACS


Plastic surgeon · 550 Biltmore Way Suite #890

· +1 305-443-3531







Their  mentions otoplasty

The Nathan Clinic: Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics


Plastic surgeon · 4770 Biscayne Blvd STE 830

· +1 305-680-5121







"... ear surgery (otoplasty). Visit for details."

Flores Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgeon · 3150 SW 38th Ave #800

· +1 786-409-4135







Their  mentions otoplasty

Allure Plastic Surgery Miami


Plastic surgeon · 3850 Bird Rd STE 102

· +1 305-479-2991







Their  mentions otoplasty

Plastic Surgeon Miami: Dr. Silvia Rotemberg


Plastic surgeon · 7000 SW 62nd Ave PH B

· +1 305-539-7083







Their  mentions otoplasty

Stephan Baker MD PA


Plastic surgeon · 3850 Bird Rd STE 702

· +1 305-381-8837







Their  mentions otoplasty

Veterans Affairs Hospital: Bustillo Pedro MD


Oncologist · 1201 NW 16th St # 114C

+1 305-575-3180



Mommy Makeover Miami FL - S. SERVICES


Plastic surgeon · 660 Lenox Ave #6A

+1 786-668-1806





Unique Aesthetic Center


Plastic surgeon · 815 NW 57th Ave Suite 302

Closing soon: 15:00 · +1 305-800-2525







Their  mentions otoplasty

Dr. Anthony Bared, M.D - Facial Plastic Surgeon


Plastic surgeon · 6280 Sunset Dr #506

· +1 305-912-9646







"I am 10 days post-op from bilateral otoplasty procedure and I am ..."




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